Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The hack that launched a thousands blogs

Somewhere between following the latest absurdities in Chrissy's ongoing struggle for continued beltway relevance and the Loofah Billy's latest brave stand against the lefty internet's jihadists I starting thinking it might be time to jump back into this blogging thing....

Well, truth be told, I was looking for a piece of the pie, like Jane at Firedoglake, because damn it, I can criticize the incompetent and irrelevant among us as well as anyone.

But that's besides the point - because I do actually have a thought to share on this.

It's hard for me to get outraged about any of them... not because I think Bill O'Reilly is some great thinker (I certainly do not) or that Chris Matthews has lapsed to hack territory (he has) and its our duty to save him (it isn't), but because I really don't care about either of them.

In their own way, they're all cheap sideshows (as are you, John Gibson, you Rush Limbaugh, and so many others that this could turn into a DNS attack on MediaMatters, if anyone were to... you know... read this lonely first post). They're fast becoming the equivalent of an unfunny amateur that takes on open mic night before a room full of professionals, an anachronism in a world that no longer has a choice but to trust every word that passes from their lips. Yep, fact-checkin's a bitch, eh fellas? Wail and moan about the internets destroying their entitlement to complete and steadfast belief at face value, but really folks -- it only makes the decline that much more entertaining for those of us that gave up on you long ago.

Don't get me wrong - I understand millions rely on audio and video brownmics to form a good portion of their world view, and that fact alone makes it worth the energy of letters, calls, blogposts and such to drain energy from their nefarious attacks and put them on defense for a change.

I wouldn't have said it a year ago, but yeah, I think I get the majority of my news on the net nowadays. Of course, that does include stops at the front pages of many major newspapers, but I honestly can't remember the last time I get my "news" or even my analysis or opinion from television. I've even taken CNN and MSNBC off my favorites list on the cable remote (Take THAT, you scourges of discourse!). It wasn't some one event or show that weened me from the cable news teet - it just became a tiresome exercise in having my intelligence insulted, the questions I wanted asked ignored, the BS answers spewed without arguement, talking points recited like the pledge of allegiance... all of it.

When's the last time any extended watching of CNN or MSNBC (and we won't even GO there) did anything but piss you off? It's rarely informative. It rarely grasps the issues with any depth or completeness. Even the entertaining moments are hollow pap - sure, it was funny watching Zell Miller do his best Yosemite Sam impersonation, but uhhh... Chris? Even I didn't think Zell Miller really believed John Kerry wanted to fight the war on terra with spitballs. How about a better question - Senator Miller, why didn't you just bolt for the Republican party with the rest of the racist dixiecrats 30 years ago?

I'm certainly not "anti-TV", either... hell, I'm trying to wrap this up before the Daily Show and Colbert Report - but just like I find that I don't have nearly the sweet tooth for candy I once did, I just don't have the time or taste for such worthless filler. OK - maybe it's more lack of taste than lack of time, but the point remains ;-)

So yeah... Chris, you should apologize. But you have to stop sucking before I'll watch you again.


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