Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Damn Right!

Count me squarely on GG's and Digby's side.

I don't harbor the same antipathy towards Kevin Drum that some do - hell, our nation needs MORE reflective thinkers, willing to chew an issue the required 33 times before lightly swallowing it with all politeness and decorum.

But what we have here is strictly a case of Democrats once again not understanding the American people, then making bad guesses based on the worst of those fears.

Do we really believe Mr. and Mrs. John Q Public view such events through a multitude prisms, meticulously weighing theater with policy, interested in hows of such an action comes to pass? Do we really think Republicans win elections - to say nothing of debates like this - because most Americans are xenophobic cowards, pissing their pants out of fear that someone would dare throw a brick of kryptonite known as "accountability" at Furious George?

Please don't mistake that as indictment against the American public; the non-blog devouring, knowing who Charlie Cook is, public. Quite the contrary. The American public is perfectly capable of parsing complex issues and coming up with the right answer. However - and I hate myself for framing the "liberal elite" this way - most Americans don't have the luxury in their daily lives of endless mewing, constant fretting over perception, and the like. They can't generally afford to paralyzed into inaction. When the foreman needs that frame up today - you do the best you can and get it done, even if you KNOW it's a job that should take 2 days. When the bell rings in the morning, class has to start, even if the projector ate the film on the Great Depression. When injuries from the bus accident pour into the emergency room - it doesn't matter if it's time for a shift change, you get to work.

In short - most Americans don't have the luxury of cocktail party philosphizing about how the world went wrong and bemoaning the fact that everyone else won't do something about.

I'm no reactionary. I believe in thorough analysis of an issue. I don't believe we should make kneejerk responses.

But you know what?

Damn it all, there's --- BIG profanity time --- MOTHERFUCKING time for action!

If it's not now, when?

Americans won't respect democrats until democrats start respecting themselves and until democrats start respecting the ability of the American people to know that civil liberties can be protected while still protecting the nation from terrorists.

We gasp in awe at a president and his advisors who routinely embarrass and contradict themselves... who lie... who break promises... who show less and less evidence of basic competency. But no one holds him accountable?



Stop being such a pussy. It's that simple.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Get Bonded!

Democracy Bonds! Get 'em now and support a 50 state strategy.

If you stumble across this lonely little blog -- go here to contribute.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

So I'm back...

And no doubt the servers and google indexing algorhythms missed me, even if my fictitious readers did not.

This is why. While I've long thought of myself of an active participant in democracy - at least, so far as recognizing the majority of names on the ballot each November (sad but true, that likely puts me in the upper quartile or higher of American citizens) - it wasn't until Howard Dean and 2004 that I started scarfing down blogposts, watching Crossfire, Hardball, and the like, and sending what meager financial help I can afford into the fray. Hell, I've even volunteered on an election day.

I suppose I've evolved over the past 2 years - I can't stomach Vidiot poli-blather on CNN or MSNBC much anymore (is there any greater waste of medium potential than cable news?).

But damn it all - I keep ending up the losing side. First Dean, then a near complete debacle in November (with only Barack Obama spoiling the shutout). Then Paul Hackett came tantalizingly close. Now Ciro Rodriguez. This isn't a pity post -- there are certainly many volunteers, partisans, and candidates that put forth more and consequently, hurt more.

Sure, Kos is right - we can't get discouraged. We're starting with almost nothing and taking on a corrupt, detached, and unresponsive system.

Beyond that, though -- I can't get past the idea that such a small number of people make the choices for so many. To be sure - there's every chance if primary turnout was 75% and election day 90, we might have gotten slapped even worse.

However, when you read the usual Reichwing sites, when you listen to Tom Tancredo and watch him win reelction, when you see the sleaze ooze from Tom Delay's office, but again see him continously elected --- Changing minds isn't going to get it done. Too many hearts are probably lost for good.

It's that huge number of the uninvolved and non-voting. Those cynics that insist "what's the point?". The hopeless that don't even both. If there's a way to snag 10% of them -- progressives will never lose another election.

I just have no idea how to do that.